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Obedience to God

April 11, 2017

School of Obedience

I’ve just seen a cartoon on Facebook of a man googling his symptom of backache and getting a diagnosis of brain tumour. It made me laugh as whenever I am ill my husband always says “don’t google it”, knowing that I most definitely will. I am at the age now where a lot of conversations with my female friends centre on the failings of our bodies. There is a comfort in knowing that we are all going through similar things. I was thinking about Anth saying that even Jesus learnt something through His suffering, and I thought ‘don’t we all’. I think one of the greatest things gained is empathy and it doesn’t have to be through the same problem; suffering is suffering no matter what the cause. The Red Cross did a beautiful campaign to illustrate all the situations it wanted to help in from war torn countries to the UK’s problem of a lonely and ageing population.  None of us get away with avoiding pain in our lives but we do gain something from the experience if we accept it and work with it as running from it only means we have it to face another day. 


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