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May 14, 2017

A more beautiful Gospel

Gift giving is part of our culture. The shops theme themselves through our cultural occasions and make it fairly easy for us to work out the acceptable offerings. Birthdays, Christmas, christening, weddings, anniversaries, Valentines, Mother’s day the list goes on and on and gets longer and longer. It’s a little stressful approaching Christmas when there’s a lot of buying to do in one fell swoop but there is only one thing worse: the receiving of an unexpected gift. We’ve all been there, a gift is proffered and we haven’t one in response. Why has this happened we ask ourselves? Did I put out the wrong signals, was something expected of me, did I accidentally do something good that deserved this? One Christmas I bought a tin of biscuits with cute dogs on it for neighbours who had had the fortune to have our escapee dog in their garden on several occasions, and left it on their doorstep. They thanked me but were clearly worried that I’d felt the need to repay them. They had been so lovely, when they had every right to be angry with us, that I just wanted to do something kind for them as they had been so refreshingly graceful with us. I love that God knew how rubbish we are at receiving that he went to the length of putting Abraham to sleep so he wouldn’t feel there was pressure on him to be deserving. Jesus came to take away worry from us as His gift! No wonder it’s taking us a while to come to terms with that one!

You can listen to the whole message here!

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